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Santa Barbara, CA
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About Marta

I am a decorative artist and psychoanalyst born and raised in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there my whole life, until 2018 when I moved to Santa Barbara, California. 

Since I can remember, I’ve spent hours painting or handcrafting. My interest in design and aesthetic turned into a degree in graphic design. To continue my education and explore my interest, I studied drawing and painting with the Maestro Hermenegildo Sabat and antique restoration, with a focus in wood finishings as well as decorative painting over wood. For years I had my own workshop, where I shared with my students what I had learnt. 

In the early 90s, I turned my home into an interior design shop and showroom. It was called  “Diseño y Tendencias” (design and trends) and it was featured in numerous design magazines in Buenos Aires. 

Expressing myself through art is a spiritual exercise, a meditation, a mindfulness moment. This is why my paintings are always different and they are intimately related to moods and natural forces. 

As an interior designer, I make my decorative pieces to match and lift up your home’s decor. They are meant to give you a mood boost, as well as compliment your home or office’s interior.